A vida em Amesterdao

Nao o retalho da vida de um medico, mas o retalho da vida de uma portuguesa na terra dos diques, bicicletas, tulipas, moinhos, queijo... e sim, das drogas e do Red Light District tambem.

segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010


Amanha no Restaurant Week... queria lá ir desde que estou em Amesterdao, e finalmente consegui vaga. Terei de comecar a jantar as 18.30h, mas é um sacrifício pequeno.

"Vermeer – internationally crowned by Michelin and Gault Millau, has a name that is highly regarded thanks to the dedication and knowledge of Chef Christopher Naylor, Maitre d’ Hotel Niek Beute and sommelier Simon Veldman who is renowned for his wine pairing. (...) The quality always exceeds expectation by Chef de Cuisine Christopher Naylor who presents combinations of colour, sent and taste, an ‘easy’ product which is always recognizable ‘what you see is what you get!’.Christopher Naylor: ‘The advantage of this sort of cooking is that there are no shock moments, if you order lobster then you get lobster, if you order a fillet of beef, then you get 180 grams. Dining is not only the moment and atmosphere, you have to eat well. This is the basis of the kitchen philosophy. A business lunch or dinner with 3 or 4 courses has to be good to eat but also healthy; plenty of vegetables and olive oil instead of butter.’The products used in Vermeer are sustainable. ‘We buy only sourced products, as much as possible from in and around Amsterdam. Local products and producers can better guaranty the quality. If the correct standards can not be found locally then they have to be bought further a field.’ The butter comes from France. Dutch butter is often not ripe and contains too much water; the true flavour has been forgotten. The continual search for product quality is what makes Vermeer a unique dinning experience. "

A ver vamos!

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